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To support forestry and natural resources management projects by providing high quality information needed to assess our global forest and tree resources.

Skylight Forestry is a data collection and forestry support contracting firm.

We provide services to the public and private sectors nation-wide. Through rigorous field data collection and remote sensing, we seek to understand the extent of our nation’s forest & tree resources, how it varies across the nation and how it is changing.

“Had we collected the data sooner, we would have made more informed decisions.”

This is a common theme heard from many resource managers—usually after a natural disaster or disease sweeps through their forest resource.

As forest resources become increasingly scarce from the competing demands of agricultural production, conservation, development and climate change, managing them to promote forest health, productivity and economic growth becomes ever more challenging.

Our core services include:

Urban Forest & Forestland Management Support

Effective forest management starts with proper field work and data collection.

Forest Inventory and Analysis (FIA)

We provide the information needed to assess America’s forests. This is the United States’s forest census.

Forest Carbon

We provide forest carbon project support services


We also partner with other firms and subcontractors to accomplish high volumes of work under tight deadlines.

Daniel August


Joe Shaw

Crew Lead/Field Ecologist

Dr. Mohammed Kalkhan


Lauren Catlin

Crew Lead/Field Ecologist

Loren O’Rourke

Crew Lead/Field Ecologist

Elizabeth Leece

Field Ecologist

Huey Maurer

Field Ecologist
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