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Below are some of Skylight’s past and current projects:

Project Type: Forest Carbon Inventories                                

  • Northwest Washington
  • Northeast Washington
  • Central Oregon
  • Northern California

Project Type: Forest Inventory and Analysis Data Collection. Urban and P2 Plot Types

  • CalFire and PNW Research Station Areas 4-6 (northern/central California) 2023-2028
  • USFS Northern Research Station
    • Trenton, NJ/ Philadelphia, PA state-wide NJ
    • Minneapolis/St. Paul, state-wide Minnesota
    • Baltimore, Maryland, state-wide Maryland and Delaware
  • USFS Rocky Mountain Research Station
    • NW Montana—Bob Marshall Wilderness, Glacier National Park, Helena Lewis and Clark NF, Lolo NF, Flathead NF, Beaverhead-Deerlodge NF, Kootenai NF
    • Eastern Nevada—BLM, FS
    • Northern Idaho—Selway Bitterroots, Nez Perce-Clearwater NF, St. Joe NF

Project Type: NEPA Planning/Stand Examinations

  • Location (s): western North Carolina, southern Virginia, eastern West Virginia, coastal South Carolina, coastal Louisiana, northern Minnesota, central Oregon, Olympic Peninsula WA, north-central Washington

Project Type: Timber Sale Preparation and Timber Cruising

  • Shortleaf pine/ longleaf pine and Red Cockaded Woodpecker habitat restoration through commercial thinnings and reserve clump prescriptions: coastal South Carolina and Savannah River Site
  • Early successional hardwood restoration and wildlife habitat creation through commercial thinnings, group selections and riparian zone protection prescriptions: eastern West Virginia

Project Type: Biological Asset Due Diligence for Allied Timbers Zimbabwe  

  • Provided desktop and on the ground due diligence services for investment activities related to forest operations management and mill upgrades: eastern highlands, Zimbabwe
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