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Climate Resiliency & Nature-Based Solutions

Skylight provides forest carbon project support to project developers, private entities, government, NGOs, Tribes and non-profits worldwide with a focus on Improved Forest Management (IFM), Afforestation/Reforestation and Avoided Conversion methodologies.

We install and measure forest carbon inventory plots

Our team has completed numerous large-scale inventories in various forest ecosystems and geographies. Projects were completed under strict data collection protocols helping to guarantee accurate and reliable forest carbon stocks for registration under both the compliance and regulatory markets in North America.

All of our field crews are USFS Forest Inventory and Analysis Certified and are capable of handling extremely remote/rugged terrain and tough logistical planning.

  • Field data collection (< 1 m accuracy​)
  • Field and Airborne LiDAR verification
  • Ground Truthing
  • Plot inventories using both traditional and new technologies
  • Verification support 
  • California Air Resources Board (CARB) Lead Offset Verifiers in training for US Forest Projects

All of our projects passed field verifications in the first round of sampling.

Skylight Forestry provides forest carbon support contracting services to the public and private sectors world wide.

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