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Forest Health and Resiliency

Our crews are federally certified with the US Forest Service to mark, cruise and layout federal timber sales aiming at improving forest health and resiliency. We have worked with over two dozen US Forest Service offices with pre-NEPA assessment planning as well as post-NEPA project implementation. Forest health projects have included: salvage sales, commercial thinning, wildlife habitat restoration, fuels reduction, watershed management and recreation. Services include:

  • Stand Assessments & Examinations
  • Carbon Inventory & Monitoring 
  • Timber Cruising
  • Timber Sale Preparation
  • Boundary Marking
  • Botanical Surveys
  • Invasive Species Monitoring and Control
  • GPS & GIS Mapping
  • Environmental Assessments

Skylight Forestry provides forest management support services to public and private landowners nation-wide.

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